Emotional Sad Poetry In English

Best Emotional Sad Poetry In English 2024

Poetry is very important for depressed people because it helps men feel better and allows them to express their feelings. Here we have Emotional Sad Poetry In English to share.

Sad Poetry In English

Here we have Sad Poetry In English. You may like this poetry. I hope it can touch your heart.

Emotional Sad Poetry In English

1. Your mention became part of blessings,
We’re such people who became famous in the era.

2. Happy with our defeat, our enemy,
But even our friends aren’t as happy anymore.

3. He seems “alive,” not the “young” one anymore,
Didn’t say don’t go far away, my friend.

4. Friend…friend, no more,
No loyalty in loyalty anymore.

5. It’s difficult to make someone forget you like this,
That when emotions are in the veins like blood.

6. Today, not feeling like writing,
Just know, my heart is saddened.

7. Love has blinded us, our love,
Those who talked every day are silent today.

8.This veil of secrecy is peculiar,
Those who understand emerge, those who don’t scatter.

9. In matters of love,
I’m a little unlucky.

10. As evening falls, I extinguish the lamp,
Heart alone enough to burn in your memory.

11. Not surprising anymore when someone leaves,
What will those who were never ours do?

12. The story of love doesn’t die,
People die while embodying characters.

Emotional Sad Poetry In English

You must be emotional in your life at any time or in any situation. You must be in control of your emotions and share Emotional Sad Poetry In English with your friends.

Emotional Sad Poetry In English

1. Please remember that you are not alone…☹️☹️

We are always here for you.

2. I am deeply saddened by😭😭 the loss that you and your family

have encountered. My condolences.

3. When You Are In Light😞😞, Everyone follows you. But When You Are In Dark,

Even Your Shadow Leaves You. This Is Life

4. Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger😞😞 Then Fear

5. “I Don’t TRUST Easily Because😞😞 The People I Have Trusted

In The Past Gave Me A Reason Not To. . .”

6. Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate😢😢, No matter how u

tried to freeze it, it will never return to its original Shape..!

7. Don’t show so much of love on anyone💔💔 because it creates a

non-curable pain when they avoid u.

8. Small but Touching Thought😞😞: “Before U Break Someone’s

Heart, Make Sure u r Not In It”

9. Avoiding something doesn’t always mean that u hate it🥺🥺..

It could also mean that u want it, but u just know that it isn’t urs.. 🙁

10. I guess that I’m da loser Cause u hav found some1 new☹️☹️

But I’m still here, still all alone Just crying over u

Heart Touching Sad Poetry In English

Sometimes poetry can touch your heart; you listen if you don’t like it. Here we have Heart Touching Poetry In English must watch and share.

Emotional Sad Poetry In English

1. Not everyone is compassionate, that’s a truth I’ve found
Don’t reveal your tale to everyone, let it be unbound

2. I find solace in getting lost in the world of novels,
Enduring life’s bitterness seems bearable to me.

3. I feel that loneliness then becomes
A companion to the profound darkness.

4. Feel us within yourself,
We reside in your breaths.

5. We have condensed everything,
Written you in detail on the heart.

6. You are not so respectable,
Helplessness is ingrained in my upbringing.

7. Your constraints are valid, but
Remember, you made a promise.

8. They say to express the state of love,
We say to only obey the beloved.

9. People have turned the world into paradise,
But they forgot to build paradise in the afterlife.

10. When the games of childhood come to an end,
The games of destiny begin.

11. Before applying fragrance, one should also consider
that the scent isn’t emanating from our actions.

12. This is the sadness of not following any rules,
I didn’t stay good, and I didn’t get rich.


The article is based on poetry. As you know, poetry is important for releasing pain and depression, and its a way to express the feelings we have here Sad Poetry In English.

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